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Advisory & Non-Executive Director

“Non-Executive Board Members provide a valuable external perspective and ensure that executive members of the Management Board are supported and constructively challenged in their role.” - Dept. for Business, Innovation & Skills

Managing a successful, growing business can be a challenge. There are constant demands on your time, new markets or customers to address, a range of operational issues to solve. Your team may be strong but may lack relevant experience. Often there is little time to deal with current pressing issues let alone plan for the future. 


These challenges are very common and have led to an increasing use of independent advisory roles in SMEs. This could be the formal appointment of a Non-Executive Director, or the less formal  appointment of an advisor to the owner or board. Often the role may evolve from the informal to the formal over time.


We believe that an experienced advisor can support the owner and management team in setting and achieving the business’ objectives. In fulfilling an advisory role we can bring a range of skills and support – for example we can:

  • use our combined experience in running as well as advising businesses to complement that of the owner and management team

  • ensure proper corporate governance is in place which will help protect directors and ensure best practice

  • provide an objective view of the company’s challenges, opportunities, performance and plans

  • challenge the board’s thinking in a constructive way

  • help identify the key profit drivers of the business, whether they are revenue, cost of sales or overhead based

  • help develop a programme to build on the profit enhancers and address any obstacles

  • offer introductions to useful contacts, and often potential customers or referrers

  • act as an independent conscience to the board, challenging team behaviours, managing difficult conversations

  • help with contract negotiations

  • help ensure the business is well prepared in the event of an acquisition (which could come through an unexpected approach)

  • simply act as a sounding board to talk things through

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Smaller businesses and start-ups are cottoning on to the fact that having NEDs can be a valuable asset, providing a source of impartial business advice, experience and contacts… The NED is there to make sure that the company is operating to its full potential and that its interests are protected. There are manifold benefits to having an NED.” - Business Wings

"Many company boards become the victims of bad habits; missed agenda items, conversations being side tracked, and opinions being discounted.The introduction of a NED will help to keep things on track, and help to alleviate any tensions." SAGE


“There is evidence that businesses that access and exploit non-executive directors as an intellectual resource perform better in the long run than businesses that do not. Increasingly small and medium sized businesses are realizing the possibilities.” - Invest Northern Ireland

“For entrepreneurs looking for strategic advice, a Non-Executive can be a fast-track to commercial wisdom, astute introductions and constructive criticism of your strategy.” - Daily Telegraph


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