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We always endeavour to align our work to the ambitions of our clients and the needs of the business. As a result there’s a broad range of help that we can offer. A summary is shown below, with more information available on the individual service pages.

Business Growth

Achieving long term, sustainable and profitable business growth is one of the biggest challenges facing a business owner. Many businesses are successful in growing revenue but often find it more challenging to grow profit or to scale the organisation. We have experience of delivering sustained financial growth and dealing with the challenges and risks associated with business expansion, whether it be business structure, planning, or raising finance.

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Business Value Growth and Exit Preparation
For most owners their business represents a significant part of their personal wealth. Many owners will rely on the sale of their business to fund their future plans, whether it be starting another business or enjoying a quieter life or secure retirement. Confidence in achieving those plans can be increased by being aware of how to add value to the business, and through early preparation for an exit. Early exit preparation also enables unsolicited offers for the business or unplanned changes to the owner’s circumstances to be addressed with confidence.

To read more about our views on business value growth and exit planning, and what we can offer click here.

Advisory / Non-executive Director
For many years large firms and government have encouraged the use of independent advisors and non-executive directors. There’s clear evidence demonstrating the link between a company’s long term performance and the use of advisors and non-executive directors, and SMEs are increasingly taking advantage of these services. We have long believed in the benefits of independent advisors, and firmly believe in the value that such roles can deliver to ambitious SMEs.

To read more about our views on the value of independent advisors and non-executive directors, and what we can offer click here.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Data Protection Officer Services

Nick Richards is an accredited GDPR practitioner and Data Protection Officer. If you would like help with your GDPR, Data Protection Act compliance or require a DPO please see here for further information

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