Business Growth

Achieving sustainable, profitable business growth can be one of the biggest challenges facing a business owner, and many rightly place a high emphasis on sales. In order to achieve long term success it is essential that there is also an emphasis on other areas of the business. This broader emphasis will ensure that the growing orders can be fulfilled and, as importantly, that the sales success can be translated into business value growth. company-975965_640

LAUDIS has experience of working with owners to achieve long term, sustainable growth, and to grow business value. We work with the owner to understand the key aims of the business, its resources and capabilities, as well as its market and lifecycle stage. We have first hand experience of addressing growth challenges such as:

LAUDIS is able to bring a range of skills to enhance the revenue capability of a business. In addition to helping the business to develop or refine products, this can include the development of a sales and marketing approach including proposition development, sales and customer management. We can also work with the business to try and develop recurring revenue opportunities to reduce the reliance on ongoing customer acquisition.

LAUDIS has the commercial experience to help a business better understand the source of its margin from a customer, project or product perspective. We can also help design and implement a margin improvement programme to enable a business to maximise its margin within the constraints of the overall aims of the business.

LAUDIS is able to work with a business to identify the overall profit drivers of the business, whether they are revenue, cost of sales or overhead based. We can work with the business to develop a programme to build on the profit enhancers and address any profit reducers.

In helping a business grow, we aim to increase and enhance the capabilities of that business. Understanding the key drivers of revenue, margin and profit, as well as the key management capabilities needed to maximise the value of the business will enable the business to work better. This understanding will also build a solid platform for further growth and increase the overall value of the business.

LAUDIS has experience of helping owners build the capabilities to achieve the long term, sustainable growth that drives increases in business value. If you need some help or just want to talk it through then contact us for a chat.