LAUDIS is a group of experienced advisors sharing the simple aim of helping business owners fulfil their ambitions. These ambitions often include business growth, development, acquisition, or managed exit. The partners have personal experience of building successful businesses and use this experience, and the professional relationships they have developed, to support the business owner.

LAUDIS initially engage with the business owner to understand their approach and their ambitions. Once these are understood LAUDIS can discuss a range of confidential advice and support. LAUDIS work with the business owner or agreed members of the management team both to advise on and to deliver the activities needed to fulfil the ambitions.


LAUDIS aim to deliver real value for money for the business owner and focus on:

• Activities where using independent external senior level support is the most effective approach
• Activities which bring substantially more value than cost
• Activities where the LAUDIS team have direct experience and competence
• Activities which can be delivered by the LAUDIS team and not outsourced

The services provided by LAUDIS will be aligned to the ambitions of the business owner and the needs of the business. The services provided are often complementary (many of the activities needed to enable sustainable growth will also contribute to business value growth and a smooth exit). As an example services provided may include:

• Ongoing Advisory/NED
• Business Growth
• Company Value Growth and Exit Planning

More information about these specific services are on our Services pages.

Throughout the relationship LAUDIS recognise that an open and trusting partnership is essential for success. LAUDIS is proud of our reputation and relationships with clients and ensure that the best advice is provided at all times. Where further advice is required (e.g. legal, accounting, corporate finance) LAUDIS is able to recommend selected and trusted professional service partners to further support and achieve the ambitions of the business owner.